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Introducing MUSICONOMI

A new way to think about Music

Musiconomi will reshape the way listeners and musicians engage. We envision a rich ecosystem where sharing and promoting great music deserves its own reward and where artists can incentivize social sharing to suit their needs.

The new token - Musiconomi (MCI) - is designed to make this type of system possible. The new suite of features including playlists, streaming radio, virtual merchandise/ticket storefronts, and others will be available to token holders, enabling them to generate and earn rewards.

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Power from the People

Artists, you probably already know that your fans are one of your biggest assets, but what if you could actually reward them for their support? By having a simple mechanism to incentivize social sharing and exposure, you will finally be able to give back to your biggest fans, and your fans will have a whole new way to get involved.

On each track, artists will have the ability to adjust how much they want to allocate for sharing rewards. New artists can fuel social sharing by giving a higher reward, while more established artists may choose to keep more of their revenue.

Who's the Biggest Fan?

Music enthusiasts, you probably already seek out new music and share it with your friends, acquaintances, and just about anyone who will listen. Discovering a new favorite artist is exciting, but also hard. Sharing your discoveries is critical to the artist, especially for independent artists that do not have a dedicated media team. Now, using your MCI tokens, you can continue to spread great music to your communities and be compensated for your effort.

Better for Everyone

Not into sharing? That's cool, too. Everyone will benefit from the increased involvement from music enthusiasts. By allowing greater participation from fans, backed by a commitment in MCI tokens, great music from all over the world will be found, shared, and enjoyed. So, even if you're just looking for some new music, Musiconomi will provide an experience you cannot find anywhere else.

Development Roadmap

You can find more information on our blog.

More on Musiconomi

Musiconomi Team

The Musiconomi Team first began working together on the Musicoin Project. Dan Phifer began working with Isaac Mao (and others) on early prototypes of the software in October of 2016, with Brian Byrne joining in late 2016. Elio Di Iorio, Jared Griego, and David Werba began contributing to the project in early 2017. Together they made key contributions to get the $MUSIC currency added to the exchanges, develop the Musicoin web application, and introduce the project to a global audience of both artists and music fans.

Image of Dan Phifer
Dan Phifer
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Dan has been in software development for nearly 20 years. From the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, to Amazon, to Musicoin.org, Dan has made critical contributions to a wide range of projects over his career. As a co-founder and primary developer at Musicoin, Dan helped to make the ideas in the Musicoin whitepaper a reality and is uniquely positioned to do the same for Musiconomi.

Image of Brian Byrne
Brian Byrne
Co-founder, Chief Musician Ambassador

Brian brings over 20 years of music industry experience to Muscionomi, from front man of multi-platinum selling Canadian rock band I Mother Earth, award-winning solo work, and founder and curator of several charity music projects, including Surf, Sing, Change, Arizona Project and close work with Unison Benevolent Fund. He has developed incredible relationships with labels, management, agents, and artists, working with Warner, Universal, Dine Alone, Live Nation, United Talent Agency, Clear Channel and more. Brian is excited to combine his passion for blockchain and his love for Music to show what Musiconomi has to offer to the music industry 2.0.

Image of Elio Di Iorio
Elio Di Iorio
Co-founder, Chief Organizer and Spokesperson

Elio is a true generalist and futurist with extensive experience in a wide range of fields and issues. Elio has held elected public office as well as the position of International Secretary and Spokesperson for a major political party in Canada, and he pioneered the use of the internet for Canadian political campaigns in 1997. As a child, Elio studied classical guitar, piano and musical theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has been a music enthusiast through many genres his whole life. Elio earned his degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Image of Jared Griego
Jared Griego
Co-founder, Blockchain Engineer and Operations

Jared has had various roles throughout his career. Building homes from a young age and then migrating into the IT field over 20 years ago. Jared has completed multiple projects and ventures in Denver, Boston, NYC, Orlando and Los Angeles to name a few. Jared has been mining and working with cryptocurrencies since 2013. Figuring out how to turn silicon into beer has always been a dream and mining crypto makes it come true.

Image of Peter Mooney
Peter Mooney
Senior Application Architect

Peter means 'the rock' but it might not be too far of a stretch to mean 'rock star' in this case! With over a decade's worth of full stack web development experience in both corporate and start up environments, Peter is the mastermind behind the 3D Printing site PatternSpace.co and the application architect that every successful team needs as a cornerstone. Couple that with his insatiable curiosity and belief in Blockchain technology, and you can just sit back and watch the fireworks.

Image of Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain
Community Ambassador

Mayank has been writing code for helpshift.com for over five years, and before that, he helped his dad run a business. As an avid supporter, he joined the then-nascent Musiconomi community and became its community moderator. He also brings a wealth of experience in breaking systems apart and finding flaws. His favourite Indian rock band is Skrat.

Musiconomi Advisors

Image of Daniel Zakrisson
Daniel Zakrisson
Crowdsale and Product Mentoring

Image of Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor
Cyber-Security, AML and Compliance Specialist

Image of Addison Cameron-Huff
Addison Cameron-Huff
Blockchain Law Advisor

Image of Anthony Di Iorio
Anthony Di Iorio
Business Partnership Development

Image of Jeff Dennis
Jeff Dennis
Business Development Legal Advisor

Image of Tristan Keyte
Tristan Keyte
International Music Consultant

Image of Eden Dhaliwal
Eden Dhaliwal
Copyright and Licensing Specialist

Image of Mike Turner
Mike Turner
Music Industry Advisor

Image of Håkan Ludvigson
Håkan Ludvigson
International Label Liaison